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"BACKFLIP" Johnny Dudley
"The Funniest Man in ProRodeo"
Professional Rodeo Clown and Barrelman "Backflip" Johnny Dudley
of Denton, TX is one of the most marketable and professional rodeo
clowns in the industry. He has been hailed as one of the hottest
talents in the PRCA and PBR. His quick wit and off the cuff banter
has been keeping crowds from coast to coast laughing until their
side hurts. He always has enough time to visit with every kid and is
a master at promotions. But, before turning professional as a rodeo
clown he fulfilled his mothers dream for him. Johnny took her
advice and served his country in the United States Marine Corps.
Then after receiving an honorable discharge he went to college
and earned a degree in International Business. Johnny is one of the
most likeable people that you will ever meet and greets everyone
with a smile.

The 201
4 rodeo season is almost over and calls are coming in for
5 rodeo's everyday. We have booked some good rodeo's for
5 and are trying to put runs together in different parts of the
country. Maybe your rodeo will be the one that gets us enough in a
row to make the trip.  Get the Texas clown with the trailer load of
great acts at your rodeo! Call today 832-496-8000
PRCA and PBR Rodeo Clown / Barrelman
contact Johnny (832)496-8000 or
Thank You Marty @ for the picture of Backflip
and Flower at the Merrill, WI, PRCA Rodeo.
Click Here for Backflip's Promo Video