While  going to local schools to promote upcoming rodeos, professional rodeo  clown "Backflip" Johnny Dudley saw an avenue to teach kids about  bullying in a fun and informative way. Backflip knows the dangers of  bullying because he dealt with the horrors of bullying for most of his  childhood. He believes that if he can get an anti-bullying message to  kids early enough, it will stick with them forever.Over  the years, Backflip has spoken in hundreds of schools and in front of  over 100,000 students and teachers, never at the expense of the school.  In 2017, he officially named his program "Backflip's Bully Stoppers" and  plans to provide schools with more material and information to stop  bullying.Backflip  also wants to start a program where students that come to the rodeo  will receive a free meet and greet pass, where they all get a welcoming  package full of rodeo-related goodies. This rodeo themed anti-bullying  program is aimed at kids from Pre K to 6th Grade. The objective is to go  into schools nationwide to talk about and prevent bullying where it  starts. The "Bully Stoppers" Program will teach kids how to safely stand  up to bullying. It will also teach students how and where to get help.